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Aplace among us
(Hall Show)


"Bardo, a place among us" is a work that blends with humor and poetry, acting, dance and circus. A writer dies on the scene, leaving an unfinished story. He and his characters are in the "Bardo", a state that Tibetans describe as the moment between one life and the next. Will they manage to transcend? Finish the story?

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(Show for open spaces)


"Que Bardo" is a show that proposes a poetic vision of chaos, endless random actions in pursuit of a capricious feast that never wants to end. This trio of characters creates a world of humor and imagination. Surprise and disorient the public, between stunts and manipulation of objects.

A dynamic, magical and attractive show for the whole family


Juan Guiraud +54 9 11 6960-2469
Anahi Dratman +54 9 11 6541-0142
Maximiliano Chiprut +54 9 11 003-3178

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